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About Us

Spectrum Research Centre (SRC) was established in 2017 to support young academics to bring their research into action. SRC was founded specifically at the request of local social and academic researchers and post-graduate students, who identified a local need to develop a space where research hypotheses and findings can be validated through local actions.

At the outset, SRC aimed to support academics throughout their research activities; however, as the company has grown, the aim is now also to provide academics with opportunities to give their research a European perspective. The number of academics supporting the work of the company has now grown to 22 and the long-term objective is to establish a Centre for Educational Innovation where research findings can be put into practice.

SRC draws on a wide range of expertise from diverse yet complimentary disciplines like pedagogy and didactics, instructional design, social policy, e-learning, gamification, entrepreneurship, anthropology, social psychology, local history, gerontology and early childhood learning.

SRC is committed to effecting policy change and publishes policy briefs on a wide range of topics throughout the year. Although SRC is a relatively new company, the vast majority of the 22 academics involved in the organisation have many years European experience mostly gained through ERASMUS exchanges and internships throughout Europe.


The research focus of the organisation is the field of innovation in education in response to needs identified in rural communities in Ireland. Specifically, the organisation works in the following areas:


  1. Developing research-based interventions to support established and new rural micro-enterprises and SMEs with a particular emphasis on supporting nascent entrepreneurs of all ages in the technology, cultural, creative, agri-food and rural tourism fields;
  2. Talent development and management for human resource managers;
  3. Women in the STEAM sector either seeking a return to the science and technology field or trying to build a new career progression pathway; Rural businesses and communities, and the opportunities available through the circular economy and developing social innovation and collaboration projects;
  4. Developing training supports for educators who are currently in service in the primary and secondary schools, VET sector, youth development sector; adult and community education sector
  5. Integrating all school stakeholders – including parents – in education programmes addressing topics such as cyberbullying, diet and nutrition, climate anxiety, positive mental health, etc. through a modelling a whole-school approach.

EU Projects

Spectrum Research Centre works on projects funded through the European Lifelong Learning and Erasmus+ Programmes. Here are some of the projects we are currently working on: